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Having a navigation system in your car is one of the best inventions of the 21st century.  A GPS will do all the hard work of finding the directions for you, leaving the car ride in a new town or city pleasant and worry-free.  A GPS system will provide turn by turn directions, making sure each and every direction is announced before the turn or road change is made, making road trips easier than pie.  A navigation system not only helps you avoid traffic when you hit rush hour, but it can also help you find alternative routes to avoid accidents and back ups, toll booths, and highways if you prefer the scenic route.  Your drive can be much easier if you avoid those sections you don’t want to be in and a navigation system can help you with that!

gps, gps system, mobile navigation systems, navigation systems, auto navigation system installation, mobile navigation, auto navigation, gps systemHowever, there are some negatives that come with some GPS.  Portable GPS needs to be placed on the dash-board, which blocks a clear view of the road.  Also, a portable navigation system requires a wire battery to keep on during those long trips.  That wire never does seem to find a pleasant resting place and can get tangled in the front of the car.  Lastly, a portable GPS is a huge thief-invitation.  Having a stand or suction cup marks in the car are a dead giveaway to a burglar.  However, there is good news!  Installing a navigation system will eliminate all of these negatives!  A navigation system can be installed with ease at any of the locations of Performance Auto Sound.

At our locations in Wenatchee, Walla Walla, Kennewick, Yakima, and Moses Lake you will find many navigation systems to fit your vehicles needs.  We carry the largest supply of various inventory and we are sure to carry a navigation system that will fit your vehicles make, model, and style.  Because we carry only the best products, we stand behind them and work hard to keep our inventory stocked with only the best brand name items for you!  Our knowledgeable staff is trained in all the ins and outs of the products, so they are sure to be able to answer any of your questions about your installation, as well as any questions about the care of your installation.  We want your navigation system to last as long as your car, so we will teach you how to properly maintain your installation!

gps, navigation system, car gps, auto navigation system installation, navigation system gps, in-dash navigation, gps system, tracking gps, car navigationOur professional installers not only are the best when it comes to quality service, but also prepare the installment procedure and complete the installment in a timely manner, getting you on your way and helping you use your new navigation system quicker than the rest.  We strive for the best and most personal customer service in the business.  We want all your questions answered at any of our locations, so we hire the most knowledgeable and best-trained technicians who are willing to dive in and provide you with the answers you need to make an informed purchase.  At Performance Auto Sound, our teams work together to provide the best quality service for you!

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Washington is a great place for boating.  Everywhere you look there are rivers, lakes, and oceans to enjoy with family and friends.  Fishing, tubing, swimming, rafting, water-skiing, and family BBQ on the water are common summertime activities when you own a boat and are close to water.  If you are one of the lucky few that owns a boat in Washington, you should look into updating your technology while on-board.  Performance Auto Sound can help you do this today by installing an audio system, a video system, or a navigation system on your boat today.

An audio system on the boat can add so much ambiance to a day on the water.  Having the right mood music enhances fishing trips, adds fun to parties, and adds relaxation to an afternoon at sea with loved ones.  At Performance Auto Sound, we carry special sound systems made just for boats.  These audio sound systems are waterproof, so they can last many years on salty, brackish, and fresh water.  These speakers sound crisp as the first day they are installed after years of water play.  Having an audio sound system installed in your boat will make yours the prize of the water, so what are you waiting for?  Come into any of our wonderful locations in Southeast Washington to get your audio sound system installed today.  We have locations in Yakima WA, Moses Lake WA, Walla Walla Wa, Kennewick WA, and Wenatchee WA.

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Boats can also have special video systems installed into their main frame!  Owning a video system on your boat gives you more flexibility while on the water.  Why not host a dive-in movie at night on the lake?  Friends will bring the popcorn, you will bring the movie, and you have an automatic party!  Another idea is hosting a romantic night on the river.  Play a nice romantic movie, bring some champagne and prepare a lovely chocolate-dipped strawberry dessert, and you have the most irresistible date-night around, all on the privacy of your very own boat.

A navigation system is crucial on a boat, especially when going on cruises in unfamiliar territory.  The boating navigation systems of today are a world away from the navigation systems that used to be predominant years ago.  At Performance Auto Sound, we know our way around the new technology and we can create a special navigation system installation for your boat today.  Performance Auto Sound has many store locations in Southeast Washington: Wenatchee, Walla Walla, Yakima, Moses Lake, and Kennewick.

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The benefit to coming to Performance Auto Sound for your marine or all-terrain vehicle sound, video, or navigation installation is that we carry the largest variety of up-to-date technology available, so we’ll make sure we have the correct fittings for your special vehicle.  Also, because we carry the best selection of inventory, we can also match any budget, leaving you more incentive to get those extra vehicle luxuries you thought were only a dream for a future car.  Our technicians are highly experienced in all the newest technology and take every step of each installation seriously, providing you with the best product on the market for your vehicle.  Our team will walk you through how to use each special installation and care for it, too, so your investment lasts and works in peak condition over the years.