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Having a navigation system in your car is one of the best inventions of the 21st century.  A GPS will do all the hard work of finding the directions for you, leaving the car ride in a new town or city pleasant and worry-free.  A GPS system will provide turn by turn directions, making sure each and every direction is announced before the turn or road change is made, making road trips easier than pie.  A navigation system not only helps you avoid traffic when you hit rush hour, but it can also help you find alternative routes to avoid accidents and back ups, toll booths, and highways if you prefer the scenic route.  Your drive can be much easier if you avoid those sections you don’t want to be in and a navigation system can help you with that!

gps, gps system, mobile navigation systems, navigation systems, auto navigation system installation, mobile navigation, auto navigation, gps systemHowever, there are some negatives that come with some GPS.  Portable GPS needs to be placed on the dash-board, which blocks a clear view of the road.  Also, a portable navigation system requires a wire battery to keep on during those long trips.  That wire never does seem to find a pleasant resting place and can get tangled in the front of the car.  Lastly, a portable GPS is a huge thief-invitation.  Having a stand or suction cup marks in the car are a dead giveaway to a burglar.  However, there is good news!  Installing a navigation system will eliminate all of these negatives!  A navigation system can be installed with ease at any of the locations of Performance Auto Sound.

At our locations in Wenatchee, Walla Walla, Kennewick, Yakima, and Moses Lake you will find many navigation systems to fit your vehicles needs.  We carry the largest supply of various inventory and we are sure to carry a navigation system that will fit your vehicles make, model, and style.  Because we carry only the best products, we stand behind them and work hard to keep our inventory stocked with only the best brand name items for you!  Our knowledgeable staff is trained in all the ins and outs of the products, so they are sure to be able to answer any of your questions about your installation, as well as any questions about the care of your installation.  We want your navigation system to last as long as your car, so we will teach you how to properly maintain your installation!

gps, navigation system, car gps, auto navigation system installation, navigation system gps, in-dash navigation, gps system, tracking gps, car navigationOur professional installers not only are the best when it comes to quality service, but also prepare the installment procedure and complete the installment in a timely manner, getting you on your way and helping you use your new navigation system quicker than the rest.  We strive for the best and most personal customer service in the business.  We want all your questions answered at any of our locations, so we hire the most knowledgeable and best-trained technicians who are willing to dive in and provide you with the answers you need to make an informed purchase.  At Performance Auto Sound, our teams work together to provide the best quality service for you!

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Having a nice sound system in your car is something that can definitely turn heads while you drive down the street.  However, having a nice sound system is more than just something to show off to other drivers and pedestrians nearby.  A sound system that fully  respects the music that you play will put those sounds in your ears in a way that no other sound system has before.  Concert music will have never sounded as crisp, rock music will have never sounded as heady, and rap music will have never sounded as hard as it can with a specialty audio system.  Your drives will be far more enjoyable if you has a sound system that can handle the music you enjoy.  Don’t suffer with a screechy, scratchy, or dull sound system.  Come to any of the locations of Performance Auto Sound and we can install your new sound system today!

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If you have a special job, one that you want to shine in the spotlight, bring your idea to us.  We love to collaborate with car enthusiasts and would enjoy creating the perfect sound system for your car-love.  If you want any type of outlandish design, we’ll create it with craftsman skills.  We strive for the best customer service and aim to make your perfect design a reality!  Make an appointment to sit with our audio specialists…we make your fantasy car a reality!

Our team consists of experts in the clarity, dynamic range, frequency response, and tonal balance of each sound system we carry and we will make sure your audio sound system works for your needs and your cars requirements for the make and model!  At Performance Auto Sound in Washington, we carry:

  • receivers
  • speakers
  • amplifiers
  • sub-woofers
  • tweeters
  • woofers
  • speaker boxes
  • speaker wire
  • all the needed hardware

We provide the best customer service around and because of it our customers keep coming back to us!  We carry only the best quality and brand-name products for you.  We are constantly researching new products for you, so you can rest assured that we have the best and most efficient sound systems available.  Our team of technicians can help you find the right sound system for your car or truck, whether you want something surprisingly special or very simple.  Our teams have the heart of a teacher and wants to make sure each and every sound system leaves with a knowledgeable owner.  We provide all of the necessary instructions for use and care of your new audio sound system.

car truck audio system, rear car speakers, auto subwoofer, auto audio speaker, rear deck audio speakers, car electronics, amplifier, custom car audio systems, premium sound systemLet Performance Auto Sound put your audio troubles to rest.  Once you’ve picked out your perfect sound system, we will carefully install it with expertise and skill that you won’t find at those knock-off locations.  We have the best prices, the best customer service, and the best skill.  Don’t let some inexperienced installer work on your car for a bargain-of-the-barrel price.  The quality you will get with Performance Auto Sound is unparallelled!  We work hard so that you leave satisfied that you got the best value stereo system for your vehicle.

Performance Auto Sound has many store locations in Southeast Washington: Wenatchee, Walla Walla, Yakima, Moses Lake, and Kennewick.  These locations cover a wide space around the lakes and rivers in Washington and is sure to help you with all your car, truck, marine, or all-terrain vehicle needs.  Stop into one of these locations today to get the best installation service for your vehicle!

Small Logo, Performance Auto Sound 509-662-8834 for top quality mobile electronics for your car, truck, and boat, we’re the number-one provider in Wenatchee WA, Sunnyslope WA, Appleyard WA, Cashmere WA, Quincy WA


Our Services From Performance Auto Sound 509-662-8834

car truck audio system, auto subwoofer, rear deck audio speakers, amplifier, premium sound system, mobile audio, car audio accessories, car amplifiers, auto speakers, auto stereo system

Performance Auto Sound is Washington’s number one store for all your electronic automobile needs.  Our location offers the largest variety of stock in car audio sound systems, video systems, navigation systems, remote car starters, heated seats, car alarms, back up cameras, and device integration.  Our professional team of installers are the best in the business and listen to your wants and needs to provide you with exactly what you need for your car, truck, or boat.

Our team has the heart of a teacher and we want you to understand your newly installed electronic.  You’ll leave completely satisfied that you received the best care and best quality services around. We carry a variety of the best products on the market for your vehicles needs.  If you need to update your electronic car integration to include your newest phone or music player, call us for a quick installment.  We can make your car up-do-date with all the newest technology available on the market.  With a new navigation system, you’ll never get lost.  With a new remote car starter, you’ll never be cold.  With a new car alarm system, you’ll never experience the sorrow of a theft.  Call Performance Auto Sound at any of our locations in Kennewick, Moses Lake, Walla Walla, Yakima, or Wenatchee to get it all today!

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We offer the most reliable brands that you’ve come to know and love, including:

  • A-Trends
  • Alpine
  • Audiovox
  • Clarion
  • Concept
  • Escort
  • Focal
  • Hertz
  • Hushmat
  • Ixos
  • Jensen
  • JL Audio
  • JVC
  • Kenwood
  • Kinetik
  • MTX
  • Pioneer
  • Rockford Fosgate
  • Soundquest
  • Sirius XM
  • Viper
  • And MORE!

Our professional installers not only are the best in quality service, but also prepare the installment procedure and complete the installment in a timely manner, getting you on your way quicker.  If you need a new navigation system placed in your car or want to surprise your honey with new heated seats, think of Performance Auto Sound in Washington!  We can update your car to have the best audio sound system or video system on the market.  Let us make your dream car a reality.

Do you own a boat?  Our team can install a stereo for your boat, catamaran, or scooner.  Our boat stereo systems are waterproof, so you needn’t worry about the sound quality dulling over time.  We also install video systems, making your boat the center of attention while on the water!  You can host your own BBQ party with movie on the water.  You’ll never need a party venue again once your make your boat a party away from home. We also provide state-of-the art navigation systems for any type of boat, so you never get lost while on the water.  We have locations in Kennewick, Moses Lake, Walla Walla, Wenatchee, and Yakima, so come visit us today!

mobile audio, car audio electronics, car audio accessories, subwoofer, rear car speakers, car amplifiers, amps, auto speakers, custom stereo, auto stereo system

Our services at all of our locations include:

  • Remote Car Starter Installation
  • Car Alarm Installation
  • Heated Seat Installation
  • Device Integration Installation
  • Navigation System Installation
  • Keyless Entry System Installation
  • Marine Audio and Video Installation
  • Car Audio and Video Installation


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