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There is something amazing about having a peaceful drive while doing daily errands or driving for long journeys across country.  The best way to accommodate the driver and the passengers is to have a video system installed.  Once you have one of these video systems installed, you will no longer hear “are where there yet?”  Instead, you’ll be surprised to hear “we’re already here?”  Vacation trips will be so much more relaxing without the fighting from the back seat.  You must have your own vehicle video system installed to see the true magic it will bring you.  Come to Performance Auto Sound today to get your video system installed.

There are many options today for vehicle video systems.  Your video screen can be mounted in a center console between two seats, above on the interior of the car, on the back of headrests, and they can pop up or scroll down from secret hiding spaces.  You can even have more than one screen for each of your passengers, so they are content watching their own video.  Also, you can install a video game system, each with their own controller, so that every passenger can play a game together while in the backseat.  Video screens can also be installed for the front of the car for the driver, so the radio, navigation system, or Sirius XM can be visually spotted in the front seat.  Most impressive is a pull-down projector screen, which can be attached to the trunk of a car or the back of a truck, making your vehicle the main attraction at a drive-in movie BBQ.  There is no need to find a large space to hold a movie night, now you can pull up with your car and have a movie night anywhere!

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Performance Auto Sound at our locations in Kennewick, Moses Lake, Walla Walla, Wenatchee, and Yakima, Washington installs:

  • LCD screens
  • DVD players
  • Video game consoles
  • Pull-down projector screens
  • Touch Screens

The benefit to coming to Performance Auto Sound for your mobile video installation is that we carry the largest variety of up-to-date technology available, so we’ll make sure we have the correct fitting video screen for your make and model vehicle.  Also, because we carry the best selection of inventory, we can also match any budget, leaving you more incentive to get those extra vehicle luxuries you thought were only a dream for a future car.  Our technicians are highly experienced in all the newest technology and take every step of each installation seriously, providing you with the best product on the market for your vehicle.  Our team will walk you through how to use each installation and care for it, too, so your investment lasts and works in peak condition over the years.  Don’t go to an inexperienced installation store, you want the best care for your vehicle…come to Performance Auto Sound.

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We strive for the best and most personal customer service in the business.  We want all your questions answered at any of our locations, so we hire the most knowledgeable and best-trained technicians who are willing to dive in and provide you with the answers you need to make an informed purchase.  Our teams work together to provide quality service for you!  Come to Performance Auto Sound to get your installation done by the professionals!